iStraight Keratin is a natural repair substance that is found in about 88% of our hair. It penetrates into the hair, restores internal damage and wraps the thread in a protective film. Thermo-dynamic applied treatment is activated with the ceramic plate, keratin is sealed deep in the hair cuticles and a keratinization process is initiated that maintains hydration and inhibits the effects of moisture, while smoothing and strengthening the hair from the inside to the outside.

 Hydration Nature Conditioner Istraight 473ml
Contains oils and extracts to revitalize any type of hair. Recommended for frequent use, this unique..
Advanced Keratin Treatment iStraight 473ml
It is a revolutionary hair straightening system that transforms degraded hair, difficult to arrange,..
Cysteine Treatment Istraight 473ml
Hair streightening system IStraight Keratin CysteinePlease keep in mind that iStraight Keratin&..
Diamond Keratin Treatment Istraight Innosys 473ml
Revives, repairs, moisturizes and protects damaged hair. Eliminates frizz, controls volume and ..
Hair Brush with comb Istraight System
iHair gives you the professional paint brush from Istraight System.This eliminates the excess of sol..
Hair wax Kera Wax Istraight Natural Fixing 100g
Professional paste hair wax, stylizes and defines the hair. Contains ingredients such as Avocado Oil..
Kera Conditioner Istraight 473ml
Daily conditioner with fortifying extracts, grapes and sweet wood. Contains keratin and protein to h..
Kera Fusion Spray Istraight 250ml
Liquid keratin spray anti-frizz with amino acids, argan oil and vitamin E. Protects against moisture..
Kera Pack Deep Treatment Mask Istraight 473ml
Deep treatment Mask designed to prolong the effects of Keratin Treatment by restoring protein and pa..
Kera Shampoo Istraight 473ml
27.50€ 22.00€
Keratin shampoo for daily use with grape extracts, licorince and keratin hydrolyzate long-lasting pr..
Kera wax sculpting paste Istraight 100g
All day hold with supreme finish and zero residue.Hair wax with strong fixation and intense moisturi..
Pure Essence Oil Istraight 50ml
Pure Essence Oil is used as the last step in the iStraight System process for added shine, smoot..
Pure Keratin  Spray Istraight 240ml
Pure Keratin is comprised of keratin and collagen to revitalize both internal and external area..
Silicone Heat Pad for Flat iron and Curling Istraight
Ideal for home and professional salons. It is heat-resistant for the hair or curlDIMENSION: 21.5 cm ..
Tail Comb Istraight System
Tail comb made of carbon, is ideal for keratin and hair treatment. It resists high temperatures.Made..
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