iHair company was born out of the customers' desire of having STRAIGHT AND HEALTHY HAIR, through innovative and lasting treatments who nourish, transform and return hair shine.
Time is precious so with our products and treatments the visits to the hairdresser and the time spent in front of the mirror is considerably diminished. A quick, 10 minutes drying, is enough to get ready and look perfect!

The Nightmare of difficult to arrange hair is now history!

Through uninterrupted research and products and services analysis on the global treatment market we are attentive and highly receptive to the needs of our clients to give them exactly what they want; every experience is state of the art: quality, results, selected ingredients. We are in a continuous process of specialization and perfecting our techniques and services; we always bring the latest and very effective treatments and hair products for hair and scalp problems.
Like any large distributor, iHair is  annualy present at Beauty and Cosmetic Expositions and Trades throughout Romania. It is very important for us that the stylists and our collaborators understand how to use the treatments, so we regularly organize initiation classes and seminars, working on models and product presentation.
IHair team works for the beauty and health of your hair!