Q: What is the Reaction Treatment?
A: Reaction Treatment is a multi-step, deep conditioning, frizz-taming, professional hair treatment that repairs and restores the 3 key components of the hair: Moisture, Oil, and Proteins. All 3 components are lost daily from environmental, UV, physical and even shampoo damage. Even more so if you’ve received perms, bleaches, highlights, colors, and heat damage from curling / flat irons. Reaction Treatment is aimed to repair such hair and provide a long-lasting, deep-conditioning hair treatment. Hair will be fully enriched with proteins, amino acids, natural extracts and oils for a complete hyper-repair and restoration. Reaction Treatment can be used a week after or prior to or added on concurrently to any chemical service to protect hair and/or enhance the results. (e.g. Colors, Highlights, Perms, iStraight System, iStraight Keratin etc.)
Q: Does the Reaction Treatment have formaldehyde? Will it alter my curls?
A: No, the Reaction Treatment is completely formaldehyde-free and will not alter curls.
Q: How long will the treatment last?
A: Reaction Treatment can typically last from 3 to 6 weeks depending on the condition of the hair.
Q: What kind of hair is suitable for the Reaction Treatment?
A: Reaction Treatment can be used on all hair types but may be most beneficial to clients who have damaged hair or have had previous chemical services. Perfect for frizz-prone hair types. Helps control frizz and static for easier manageability.
Q: How long will the process take?
A: It’s a simple system that any professional can complete in just 45 minutes.
Q: Can this be done over a keratin treatment or permanent straightening?
A: Yes. Reaction Treatment can be done over any Brazilian keratin treatment and/or permanent straightening.
Q: What type of maintenance is necessary for this service?
A: Use of after-care products is recommended following the Reaction Treatment service with Hydration Nature Shampoo, Hydration Nature Conditioner, Reaction Treatment B3 (retail size), and Pure Essence Oil. These specially formulated after-care products provide intensive moisture, essential oils and natural extracts to prolong the effects of the Reaction Treatment.