Reaction Treatment is a multi-step, deep-conditioning, frizz-taming, professional hair treatment aimed at repairing and restoring the oils and proteins that the hair has lost from perms, bleaches, highlights, colors, heat damage, environmental / UV damage and even over-processing. By replenishing the 3 key components of the hair: Moisture, Oil, and Proteins, the Reaction Treatment is perfect for frizz-prone hair types whether the hair is straight, natural, or curly. (Reaction Treatment is completely formaldehyde-free and will not alter curls.) It's a simple system that any professional can complete in just 45 minutes. Reaction Treatment can be used as a stand-alone treatment or can be added on to any salon service (haircuts, colors, perms, iStraight System etc.) to complement and enhance the results with healthier-looking, beautiful texture.

Reaction Treatment B1
Reaction Treatment B1B1 consists of proteins and amino acids to restore and reinstate the natural in..
Reaction Treatment B2
Reaction Treatment B2B2 is a luxuriously thick cream that is used to balance out oil and water to eq..
Reaction Treatment B3 (Professional Size)
Reaction Treatment B3B3 is a deep-conditioning treatment  with natural extracts to internally a..
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