Since 1998, IBS Beauty, Inc. has flourished dynamically and has established a dominant presence in the professional hair / cosmetology industry with the Innosys Beauty Care brand of premium product lines, such as iStraight System, iStraight Keratin, and Reaction Treatment. Through the years we have gained valuable relationships and trust from stylists worldwide and it is their testimony that IBS stands proud.

Since 2014 IHair Company started the collaboration with IBS Beauty as a retailer for the beauty products and treatments.

IHair Company was born in 2011 out of the customers desire of having STRAIGHT AND HEALTHY HAIR through innovative and lasting treatments who nourish, transform and return hair shine.

As of January 1st 2016 Ihair Romania became a Certified East European Hair Academy. We recommend it to all the hair stylists who want to master the IStraight hair straightening treatments(and not only) to attent our classes for a better understanding and handling of the treatment.

You can also find us at Beauty and Cosmetic Expositions and Markets throughout Romania.

Though similar to Yuko hair products, Istraight is the improved range of products containing 3 types of Permanent Straightening products: IStraight Max, IStraight Normal si IStraight Mild  plus the Reconditioning and the after care range.