Technical Manual

Advise client to keep the hair dry for 24-48 hours.
No Hats, No Scrunchies, No Ponytails, No "Behind the Ears"

* Processing times will vary with each client.

If the results are not straight: When the results are not completely straight or if the hair reverts after the first shampoo, there may be two reasons why: 1) The hair was not fully processed; not enough solution was used or an improper choice of solution was made. 2) The ironing was not properly performed. Both situations are still okay. Have the client return after one week, then repeat the process again with a milder solution only on the areas showing waves or light curls.

Why breakage occurs: As with all perm solutions (not just straightening), if the relaxer touches the scalp, bending can occur which can cause breakage. The ironing must also be performed at the correct angle (in the direction of hair growth or at a 90-degree angle from the scalp) so that bend marks do not occur. In rare cases that breakages do occur (it really should not), treat the hair with iStraight Keratin or Reaction Treatment right away in order to nourish the hair and minimize damage. Ceramide Serum should be used daily. iStraight Keratin and Reaction Treatment are also effective at removing fizz. Please call us if you have any questions.

Client Instructions

We highly recommend using our specially formulated Hydration Nature Shampoo, Hydration Nature Conditioner, Reaction Treatment B3, and Pure Essence oil for maintaining straight, shiny, silky, beautiful hair. Innosys post-care products provide intensive moisture, essential oils and natural extracts to prolong the effects of the iStraight System.