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How to take care of your hair when you are making some changes?

Do you remember how many ways you dyed your hair so far?

Nowadays you have so many options regarding the choice of hairstyle, haircut and hair color. Until you try you will not know if they are good for you and if you will like them or not. In our youth and even later, each of us tried various shades, from black, blue, purple, satin, red, blond or platinum, to the already classic sweeps. How many colors did you try?

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What is Istraight permanent Staightening?

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The new treatment with CYstein that revolutionized the known straightening methods!!

Hair is made up of 85% keratin, the main amino acid in keratin being Cysteine.

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Innosys treatment is a professional skincare treatment that repairs and reconditions the hair. Hydration and shine of hair is lost daily due to shampoos, UV rays or environmental pollution. Rich in hydrolysed keratin and amino acids, it eliminates tangling, drying and messy hair. If your hair is severely degraded, peeling and scorned because you are a straightening advisor, then it is an additional reason for the care you need to resort to this treatment. Reaction treatments are the role of a total hair reconstruction, after which it will be required with proteins, amino acids, if it is a natural extract, the care of things will lead to the reconstruction of the degraded hair.

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Yuko Permanent Straightening Treatment

YUKO straightening cream allows for absolute control while maintaining a natural volume, if desired. Hair stays soft, silky and frizz free. There is a Yuko cream for resistant / natural or sensitive / dyed hair.

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Permanent straightening of the hair

Before starting the iStraight permanent straightening process, you need to know exactly when to use this method, and a specialist will best guide you. He will tell you what steps to follow to achieve the desired results and what is the best solution for your hair type. It will also give you answers about the advantages and disadvantages of applying straightening treatment.

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Japanese permanent straightening ISTRAIGHT

Do you want to have perfect straight hair, no matter what the weather is like?
We have the solution! With this procedure, the hair will remain perfectly straight, smooth and silky to the touch, with an excellent appearance, even in the most humid climate!

It's time to say STOP to the hair straightener and try the Japanese permanent straightening treatment.

According to recent research, about 67% of women in Romania who have wavy or curly hair try to straighten or even straighten their hair every day.

The treatment is right for you if you have curly or rebellious hair and are tired of straightening it every day. It allows absolute control while maintaining a natural volume, if desired. Hair remains soft, silky and frizz free. Thermal reconditioning, also called the Japanese permanent straightening method, is a great way to get rid of curly, curly or undisciplined hair for a long time (up to 6 months).

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